Sunday, 8 February 2009

And another...

Here's another! Grey greens and purples with swirly flowers.

I had a lovely comment yesterday from someone who bought one of my berets at Christmas. She said that people were always commenting on it and it made everyone smile.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Another beret

This is a lovely combination of blue merino and green fairisle sweaters bought from kris at resweater.
Just a little diversion from hats. These are my two wonderful children this Christmas. I love the way the angel pops out of their heads! My daughter is wearing one of my early hats - a beautiful grey and dark red.

New beret

This is one of my newest berets made out of two sweaters from Kris at resweater. 

I think the colours work really well together! I'm doing bright fresh colours for a fair on 1 May - the weather might be a beautiful early summer's day or it could be wintery.

I've been developing this new kind of swirly flower with a wool covered button in the centre and the beret is lined with blue cashmere so it's very very soft and comfortable to wear.

Friday, 6 February 2009

I've been doing masses of making recently. Mainly due to the wonderful shipments of sweaters from Kris at in the US. I know there could be a carbon footprint issue here but Kris seems to be able to root out the most glorious sweaters for my hats and mittens. And it saves me so much time going round the secondhand shops in York where supplies of good sweaters are dwindling.

This is a beret from last year's collection. I'll take pics of my latest hats this weekend.